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Magical Places of Britain

Magical Places of Britain by Rob Wildwood


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A Guide to Britain's Natural Sacred Sites

Enchanted Forests, Haunted Waters, Magic Caves, Sacred Springs, Holy Wells, Mystic Mountains, Fairy Hills and places of Magic and Miracles in the landscape of Scotland, Wales, England and Cornwall.

Discover Britain's Magical Places using this handy guidebook packed with stunning full colour photographs, extracts of folklore and directions and map references to all the sites listed.

In ancient times the island of Britain was ruled by wild magic and elemental spirits of nature. Arthur and his knights roamed the land, faery magic haunted the twilight and the wild hunt could be heard crashing through the skies at night. This was the magical island of Albion, a legendary isle at the edge of the known World, the sacred island of Merlin the wizard.

There were once many places in Britain where the ancient magic of this isle could still be felt. But now, due to the ravages of time and the relentless onslaught of civilization, only a handful of these places still survive. Having escaped centuries of change these sacred places have become all but forgotten, little pockets of wild magic in a modern landscape.

In these magical places the ancient magic can still sometimes be felt and experienced if one is only willing to pause there for a while and let the clutter of the modern world recede from our minds to be replaced by the stillness of nature and the echoes of our ancient past.

In this book we shall explore these magical locations and shed some light upon these enchanted corners of our land that have lain shrouded in darkness and mystery for so long...

Handy softback format, ideal for travelling, 140 pages packed with full colour photographs, folklore and useful directions.

Book size: 9.5 x 8 x 0.4 inches / 24 x 20.2 x 1cm
Author: Rob Wildwood
Publication Date: April 2013
Second printing with minor adjustments: 2021
Weight: 450g (16oz)

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