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Magical Cornwall Tour - Fairies, Mermaids, Holy Wells and Standing Stones of West Penwith

West Penwith lies near Lands End at the very tip of Cornwall and probably has the greatest concentration of sacred sites in one small area than anywhere else in the country.

There are holy wells and sacred springs, stone circles and huge dolmens.
To the North you will find Zennor with its mermaid legends, to the West the faery-haunted landscapes of Ballowall Barrow and Sennen Cove, to the South the magical prophetic stone at St Leven's, and to the East the iconic tidal island of St Michael's Mount with its legends of giants.

Mermain of Zennor, Pendour Cove, Cornwall, England, UK

Walk in the footsteps of the druids at Boscowen-un stone circle, or be cured by the pixie at the holed stone of Men-an-Tol.
Men at Tol, Cornwall, England, UK

West Penwith is a place so filled with magic you'll believe you have travelled through a portal to the Otherworld!

Sancreed Well, or the Crone Well, Cornwall, England, UK

(1-3 days)

Tours can be tailored to your needs and Rob charges a flat rate of £25 per hour for guiding and £50 per hour while driving, irrespective of the number of people on the tour.
So the more people in the group the cheaper it will be per person, the vehicle can take up to 6 passengers (or 4 passengers if you have large luggage).
So for example a four hour tour to Stonehenge including 2 hours of driving will be £150.
All tours begin and end in Glastonbury, Somerset.

Larger groups, longer itineraries, special arrangements, and shorter half-day mini-tours can be arranged.

Please email Rob at for bookings and more information, or telephone +44 (0)7504 801537.

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