The Magical Places
Rob Wildwood

Magical Tours of Britain - Spiritual Tours to Sacred Sites

Hop aboard our overland explorer and join Rob Wildwood as he takes you on a journey to the Otherworld to meet magical inhabitants of our island.
Hidden deep within the forests, hills and waterways of this land you will discover the ancient spirits of Britain's faery folk.

Rob will take you to places of enchantment that the modern world has passed by and allow you to feel for yourself the ancient magic that still lies hidden in our landscape.
The magic of faerie, of enchanted waterfalls and healing springs, and of the 'hidden folk' that may still dwell beneath the earth.

Rob has a wide knowledge of the history, folklore, fauna, flora and spirits of this land, so will be able to fill your journey with all kinds of interesting facts and information.
As well as relating the history and folklore of each site Rob can also take you on a journey to the Otherworld using his shamanic drum ("the shaman's horse") where you may get profound visions, messages from the faerie folk, or even interactions with the magical spirits of each place.

Here is a selection of some of the tours that he can offer.
Each tour can be tailored to your individual requirements, or you can even suggest a tour that will be unique to you:

Dundon beacon, ancient yew, sacred grove and iron age hillfort £40 (2 hours).

Cadbury Castle, King Arthur's Camelot £60 (2 hours).

Stonehenge £120 (4 hours).

Stanton Drew stone circle and Stoney Littleton long barrow £120 (4 hours).

Avebury Stone Circle £160 (5 hours).

Sacred landscape of Stonehenge £160 (6 hours).

Sacred landscape of Avebury £200 (7 hours).

Stonehenge & Avebury £220 (7 hours).

Magical Dartmoor £240 (8 hours).

Tintagel & St Nectan's Glen £300 (9 hours).

Tours of the Magical Places of Cornwall

Tintagel - King Arthur, St. Nectan's Glen and the Witches of Boscastle
West Penwith - Fairies, Mermaids, Holy Wells and Standing Stones

Tours of the Magical Places of Devon

The Pixies of Dartmoor
Spirits of Dartmoor - Dewar the Huntsman, Old Crockern and the White Lady

Tours of the Magical Places of Somerset

Legends of Glastonbury - Secret Shrines, King Arthur, and the Faery King

Tours of the Magical Places of Wiltshire

Secrets of Avebury - Ley Lines and Standing Stones

Tours of the Magical Places of Wales

Snowdonia - Dragons, Merlin and the Faery Folk
Berwyn Mountains - Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall and the Shining Palace of Gwyn Ap Nudd
The Vale of Neath - Fairy Forts and Haunted Waters

Tours of the Magical Places of Yorkshire

Folklore of the North York Moors - Fairies, Hobs and Wade the Giant
Fairy Sites of the Yorkshire Dales - Fairy Caves, Fairy Springs and Fairy Falls

Tours of the Magical Places of Cumbria

Fairy Sites of Cumbria - Fairy Steps, Fairy Caves and Fairy Falls

Tours of the Magical Places of Scotland

Myrrdin Wylt (Merlin the Wild) and the Battle of Ardderyd
Reverent Robert Kirk and the Fairies of Doon Hill
Fairy Sites of the Isle of Skye
The Sacred Isle of Iona
Perthshire and the Fairy Hill of the Caledonians
Mermaids and Witches of Sutherland

Custom tours can be tailored to your needs. Rob charges £20 per hour for guiding and £40 per hour while driving, plus 20% for each additional person on the tour after the first. The vehicle can take up to 6 passengers (or 4 passengers if you have luggage).
All tours begin and end in Glastonbury, Somerset.

Larger groups, longer itineraries, special arrangements, and shorter half-day mini-tours can be arranged.

Please email Rob at for bookings and more information, or telephone +44 (0)7504 801537.

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